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Total Control Net

Awarded the Queen's Award for Innovation 2019

Total Control Net (TCN®)

Bonpack International Elastic Netting, World leaders in elastic netting technology introduce... Total Control Net. TCN® is the World's only meat netting with a patented structure that combines a fixed calibre netting and an elasticated netting still separate but united as one. With its pre-fixed diameter, TCN® is perfect for sliced products and can be used to replace fibrous casings or plastic shrink casings.

Benefits of using Total Control Net include:

  • Unrivalled power / unrivalled control

  • The only fixed calibre elasticated netting in the world.

  • Can be used in some cases to replace both fibrous and plastic.

  • Guaranteed maximum face size of the finished product

  • A perfect product when used in conjunction with meat stuffers and presses

Product Information

  • Available Sizes : 80mm - 190mm

  • Number of Squares : 12 to 72

  • Strength Of Netting Available : Lite / Standard / Power / Double Rubber / Double Rubber Power

  • Spirals per 100mm : 7 to 16

  • Temperatures : Boil: 100°c / Roast: 225°c

  • Colors : Standard Colours Available

  • Packing Format : 50m rolls, 100m rolls, Maxi roll (200m-1500m), VRAC (200m-1500m)

  • Make Up : A warp knitted synthetic net in tubular form with inlaid spirals of covered natural rubber

  • Vertical Chains : Food grade polyester yarn

  • Horizontal Chains : Extruded food grade rubber covered with Food Grade Polyester

Bonpack International Total Control Net

Total Control Net is the ONLY netting in the world that allows you to select 2 separate nettings: one elastic + one guaranteed fixed calibre. We knit them together as one.

Viscofan Collagen Film with Total Control Netting producing 82 same weight Ham per minute

Total Control Netting , High Power Elite being used to produce premium ham for slicing UK

Stuffing diameters are preset to exact customer requirements.

Total control netting allows high stuffing pressure with collagen film . This is accurate to within 2mm .

Collagen film from Viscofan is pre-shirred with Total Control Netting.

A pre -set maximum diameter is used to produce long logs for slicing.

An Automatic machine to place product into netting and then to cut the netting .

Super High Speed Double Stuffer: Pack 2400 Joints per hour. This is the worlds fastest double stuffer!

TruNets patented Total Control Netting is now being used as a replacement for Fibrous & Plastic Casings.

160 MM TCN / Pneumatic Press / Perfect products for Slicing.

Total Control Netting is being used as a replacement for more expensive double, triple, and power rubber nettings, It gives greater compression and is easier to strip.