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Pallet Netwrap & Stretch Film

Foil Net a.k.a. Begate Stretch Foil

Foil net is a perforated wrapping film that is used as a solution for products or loads that must continue to air, cool, dry and degas. This includes the Horti (flowers and plants), fruit and vegetable sector (fruit and vegetables), food and beverage industry and the medical world. Other recognizable names of foil net are: perforated foil, perfo stretch, begate stretch foil, net foil, airofilm, hortiwrap, cart foil, horti stretch, glued foil.


Perfo Lite


Perfo Lite is a reinforced stretch film with holes specially developed for the flower and plant industry to wrap Danish and Auction carts. With its excellent aeration (> 35%) it prevents damage to flowers and plants. This foil is super smooth inside cling and outside so that the carts do not stick together. PerfoLite Micro is available in machine and hand rolls. Hand rolls partly made in-house.

Stretch Film

Stretch film is an essential solution to transport / store your goods safely and stably. The range is particularly wide with various qualities, dimensions, colors and thicknesses. Other recognizable names of stretch film are; stretch wrap film, stretch wrap, wrap wrap, hand wrap wrap, pallet wrap wrap, pallet wrap, stretch film.


HDPE Stucco Foil

HDPE Stucco foil an ultra-thin HDPE film that is used as a cover film to protect walls, floors, furniture and ceilings. Stucco foil is foldable and easy to tear off, suitable for rapid processing! Stucco foil has a static property. This makes the stucco film easy to apply to almost any surface. The foil tears straight and is available in various sizes.


Plaster film is used as cover film for walls and ceilings when pouring concrete floors, plaster spraying of ceilings and as cover material during painting. Can also be placed over furniture for protection during work.


  • Easy to tear;

  • Folded to 1 meter wide;

  • Little waste after use;

  • Thickness 7 μ.


LDPE Top Sheets

LDPE top sheets are used to protect loads against dirt and moisture. Top sheets are available on roll in transparent, white and black in various sizes and thicknesses.


Top sheets are used with pallet loads in combination with stretch film to protect against dirt and moisture.


  • Hand tear on roll;

  • Recyclable ;

  • 100%;

  • Thickness 20 to 40 μ;

  • Multiple colors;

  • Various dimensions.

Wrapping Net

Wrapping net is used as a solution for products or loads that must continue to air, cool, dry and degas. This includes the Horti (flowers and plants, turf, trees), fruit and vegetable sector (fruit and vegetables) and the bulb industry. Other recognizable winding net names are: net wrap, horti wrap, net stretch, net foil, foil net, wrap net, bale net.