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Elasticated Netting

Traditional Rachel Netting

Traditional Rachel Netting

Traditional Rachel Netting

Elastic Netting - high strength polyester for versatility in the production and shipping of products.

  • A Series - Boiled meat (pork, ham, sausages); 

  • B Series - Roasted, smoked and boiled meat (turkey, chicken, beef, pork, lamb);

  • C Series - Smoked meat (ham, bacon). 

  • Micromesh Series - Boiled (ham), smoked (ham, bacon) and roasted meat (turkey, chicken, beef, lamb);

  • Pesante Series - Boiled and roasted meat packaging (turkey, chicken, beef, lamb);

  • S & STS Series - Salami; 

  • E Series - Boiled meat and roasted meat (turkey, chicken, beef, lamb);

  • Stockfill Series - Smoked meat (ham, bacon).

Traditional Circular Netting

All nets are available for roast, boil, steam and smoked applications.

  • String Net - Designed to imitate a hand tied final product;

  • Polyester/5 - This quality product is designed with the price conscious user in mind;

  • Polyester/3 - Fantastic for giving natural shape to fresh meats;

  • Eco Net - Eco Net gives more compression than Polyester/5;

  • Polyester/2 - Most popular netting for both fresh, whole muscle and de-boned meats;

  • Mini & micro Mesh - As one of our higher tier nets, it provides more compression than our middle and lower tier nets;

  • Double Power - One of the most robust nets in our product range.


Premium Traditional Netting

Premium Traditional netting

Premium Traditional netting

All Premium nets are circular and with no side seams, so they appear perfectly uniform over the entire circumference. This gives the finished product a great regularity.

Stockfill Net

Elasticated stocking net (also known as our Q-net) is our popular tight mesh knitted product which has elastic inlays to give compression. This product is generally used for production of boneless products where a netting impression is not required by the customer. 

  • Available Size : 80mm - 300mm;

  • Spirals per 100mm : 15;

  • Packaging Formats : Various length rolls available;

  • Temperatures : Boil: 100°c / Roast: 225°c;

  • Make-Up : A weft knitted synthetic net in tubular form with inlaid spirals of covered natural rubber.

Stocking Net (Q-net)

Stocking Net (Q-net)