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Elastic twine & chicken loops

Elastic twine

The elastic strings constitute a family of products made in various types and sizes, compatible with all the binding machines on the market for packaging sausages (whole pieces such as pancetta, culatelli, bresaola, etc.).
They are produced according to the most modern systems to guarantee constant quality.

Features: Available in cylindrical and conical cones of 4 ″ 6 ″ 8 ″ 9 ″ and 10 ″ of different diameters

Intended use: Roasting, boiling, maturing

Color: White, Red, Green

Product name Composition Elastic power
Elastic twine for roasting Polyester, latex Middle
Elastic twine for boiling Polyester, latex Middle
Elastic twine for seasoning Polyester, cotton, latex Middle

Chicken loops

Chicken loops are ideal for tying poultry. They consist of one or more natural latex threads guaranteed for food use and covered with multiple threads of cotton or polyester. The Fralast rings have been designed to effectively contain the limbs of birds during the roasting process and for the preparation of rolled meat, stuffed or not.

The highly technological production processes guarantee high and constant quality and maximum hygiene. They are practical, easy to use and available in various sizes and types to meet the most varied industrial production needs.

Features: Available from 6.5 to 20 cm in length at rest, in natural cotton or polyester and in various colors.

Intended use: Binding of birds and meat in roasting processes.

Color: White, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Orange, Yellow.

Product name Composition
NT rings Natural latex, polyester
Rings in bunches Natural latex, cotton, polyester
Loose rings Natural latex, cotton, polyester